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  Indiana's Top Players (2019)

State Champ
Blitz Champ

Aydin Turgut

Reserve Champ

Akarsu Celik

Quick Champ
Braydon Povinelli
James Cates
Class A
Bernard Parham II
Ruoxiao Xia
Brian Benson
Class B
John Herr

Class C
Alex Cheng
Class D/u
Travis Daniel

Senior Champ
James Mills

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July 24-26 2020
Indiana State Championship

July 25, 2020
Indiana State Blitz Championship

By Isca Contributors

FM Lester VanMeter
 My Longest Think
This game versus Emory Tate was played last Thanksgiving at the North... more 




The 2020 Northern Indiana Open has been canceled.


State Team Champions (2016)

Team Nd4: Mike Herron, Nate Criss, Jay Carr, Glenn Snow

EVV Online Quick /ICC - 5/23/20
2020 Southern Indiana Open Results

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