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Indiana's Top Players

Jim Mills 2018
State Champ

Gary Fox Reserve
Co Champ

Grant Mu Reserve
Co Champion

Keith Swedo
Quick Champ
Jim Dean
Braydon Povinelli
Class A 2018
Gary Fox
Akash Bhowmik
Justin Smith
Class B 2018

Bradley Back
Russell Stinson
Scott Pletka
Class C

Andrew Grismer
Class D/E 2018

James Mills

Upcoming Events Summary
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March 2, 2019
Evansville Late Winter Open
Details at Link

Feb 1, 8, 15
Mar 1. 8, 15
Championship at
Elkhart - Details
at the Link!


Rating Report

IM Burnett repeats at Southern Indiana Open/Reserve.


The flooding around Bloomington subsided Saturday morning enough that 62 players could make there way to the tnmt hall at the Holiday Inn for this years tnmt. Talking with Expert Mike Herron before registration, he said “WE need an Indiana player to step up and draw Burnett so we can catch him!” Well…it didn’t happen! Burnett went 4-0 to win 1st prize. Herron, James Cates, Josh Bousum , Mark Blackstad, Kieth Belton and Mohamed Elshalzly went 3-1 for 2nd and split the the 2nd place and “A” prizes.


In the reserve section all of the “B” players were shut out of prize money as 4 “C” and “D” players went 3.5-.5 to tie for 1st. Eric Henry, Carl Bauer III, Daniel Larsen and Al Nelms split the 1st,,2nd,”C” and “D” money and get $ 162.50 apiece.


Next year we will use both rooms of the tnmt hall for play if we need to. I am looking at adding a couple of prizes also to the Prize Fund. Thanks to everyone who played this year. I was ably assisted this year by Club Director Krista Li of Bloomington  who is looking to run tnmts herself.  I hope this tnmt continues to be successful as past years.


See you at the State Championship April 12-14 at the Wyndham Indianapolis West!

Craig Hines ,Chief TD and ISCA Secretary.

2018 ISCA Memorial Report

The 48 players who came to the 2018 ISCA Memorial were a little soggy when they stepped into the tnmt hall because it was pouring and blowing outside. Lots of Board member help at registration saw the tnmt start just a few minutes late. Maybe this caused some folks to lose focus as there were several upsets in the first Rd.. Parham beat VanMeter, Roush beat Datar and in a small upset Braydon Povinelli drew with ISCA President. Matt Leach in the Open. In the U1800 top rated Jeff Jackson went down to Gael Medina. Upsets continued into Rd.2 where Roush beat Jim Mills.

Things settled down in the 3rd and4th round though, and in the end Parham and young Bill Qian drew and tied for first in the Open with 3.5 and a $200 a piece pay day. Dennis Geiselman got the U2000 $100 with 3 points and VanMeter won the Senior prize. Scholastic money,$50 each went to Nikhil Datar and Grant Mu.

The U1800 section was won by the 5th and 6th seeds, Terry Winchester and Thomas Burden while the top 4 seeds were stumbling. They got $200 a piece. U1600 money was split by Dennis Hurst and Eric Henry, $50 each. U1400 went to Gael Medina and Andrew Grismer, $50 each also. Senior prize, $50, in U1800 went to John Wortinger and the Scholastic winner was Christopher Cheng who left before getting his prize, IF ANYONE HAS CONTACT INFO FOR CHRISTOPHER OR HIS FAMILY PLEASE CONTACT BEN PITCHKITES AT

Hope to see everyone at the Southern Indiana Open, Feb. 9, 2019 in Bloomington!
Craig Hines, Chief TD/ISCA Secretary.


Class Champions Crowned!  

In a tough weekend of competition, the Class Champions were crowned after play at the Crowne Plaza on the weekend of September 15 and 16 in 4 rounds of play.  54 total players competed.  The Mast Expert section was loaded with chess talent.  Jim Dean was crowned champ with a record of 3.4/4.  Nate Criss finished alone in second with a record of 3/4 and claimed the top expert prize.  Former State Champs in the field included Dean, Lester Van Meter, Mike Herron, Jim Mills and Andy Porter.  High rated player Mike Johnson (Ky) and Elton Cao (Oh) competed as well.  This section was loaded with great players!

In Class A, one of the rising stars of Indiana Chess, Braydon Povinelli took first place.
In Class B Gary Fox, Akash Bhowmik and Justin Smith finished tied for first place. Class C 
also ended in a tie with Bradley Back, Russell Stinson and Scott Pletka sharing the honor.  In Class D/E, Andrew Grismer finished at the top of the group.  Congrats to the champions!

The next tournament will be the Memorial on the NE side of Indy on December 1st.  More coming
soon on this tournament.  It will be a one day tournament.  

Indiana Quick Champion Crowned

Indiana's Quick Champion was recently crowned at the Crowne Plaza in Indianpolis.  The
competition took place on Saturday, September 15.  In an intense evening, Keith Swedo survived alone at the top!

Membership Meeting Minutes!!!

I.S.C.A. Annual Membership Meeting , April 22, 2018

Craig Hines, Secretary



The Annual General Membership Meeting of the Indiana of the Indiana State Chess Association was held on Sunday, April 22, 2018 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Indianapolis , site of the 77th State Championship.


President Gerry Roberts called the meeting to order at 2:47 P.M.


In attendance were President Gerry Roberts, Vice President Mat Leach, Secretary Craig Hines, Treasurer Ben Pitchkites, Membership Director Roger Norris, Historian Roger Blaine and Member at Large Gordon Simons. Other members present: Cliff Aker, Dick Arnold, Dominic Bonta, Joshua Bousum, John Fallon, Gary Fox, Dennis Geiselman, Noah Lewis, Shawn Marcum, Phillip Meyers, Bernard Parham, Scott Pletka, Scott Reisinger, John Roush, David Stader, Russel Stinson, Arthur Wake and Donald Winslow.


Officer Reports:


Pres: Roberts said that we lost money on the State Tnmt in Oct., 2017 and at the Master and Generation Tnmt in Dec., 2017 but, made money at the Southern Indiana Open/Reserve in Feb., 2018 that made up much of the losses. He also went over the tnmt schedule for the rest of the year. Namely the Northern Indiana Open in June and the Class tnmt in late summer(TBD).


Treas: Pitchkites went over the financial statement(handed out to everyone) that showed a small gain since the last statement and left us with $10,991. John Roussh asked what is covered by the insurance cost listed in the statement. Gerry responded that it was liability insurance to protect ISCA in case we are sued by anyone at one of our tnmts. Leach added that sites often say we must have that to rent a site.


Memb. Dir.: Norris said that we have 141 active members(not including any taken in at this tnmt). We have averaged between 140 and 160 members in the last several years. Roberts added that we no longer require membership in ISCA to play in ISCA tnmts and that was common for State affiliates like ours. A finacial entity like ours also needs to make most of their revenue from members.


There were no other reports.



Old Business: NONE.


New Business:


Hall of Fame nominations: Roberts went over the requirements for a nomination(in By Laws) and then read the nomination statement he had written for Joe Reigsecker.


Motion 1. Roberts moved to vote Joe into the Hall of Fame. Blaine seconded. Passed by acclamation. Roger Blaine will get the plaque.


Roberts then went through the proposed revisions to the By Laws.


Motion 2. Roberts moved to amend the By Laws as presented. Leach seconded. Passed by acclamation.


Motion 3. Stinson moved to have a 30/90, 30SD, d5 for the State Championship(all sections) time control. Roush seconded. Amended to take under advisement by Board. Motion FAILED 8-9.


Motion 4. Stinson moved that we have an ISCA Womens Championship section of the State Championship. Roush seconded. Amended to take under advisement by Board. Motion PASSED, 11-9.




President: Mat Leach, by acclamation.

Vice President: Gary Fox(20 votes), Russel Stinson,(1 vote).

Secretary: Craig Hines, by acclamation.

Treasurer: Ben Pitchkites, by acclamation.

Membership Director: Shawn Marcum, by acclamation.

Editor: Roger Norris, by acclamation.

Historian: Roger Blaine, by acclamation.

Member at large, Gordon Simons, by acclamation.



State Champs Crowned

Friday April 20 through Sunday April 22 featured the great chess of the 2018 Indiana State Chess Association State Championship.  There were 34 players competing in the open.  The reserves had 47 players.  

The top spot for Indiana players in the open was shared among 4 players with 3.5/5.  Jim Mills is the 2018 state champion (4th time!) by tie breaking procedures outline in the ISCA By Laws.  Keith Belton was the top A player.

The top three scores in the Open were players from out of state.  William Sedlar won the section with 5/5.  Michael Care and Merrick Zheng split second with records of 4/5.

The reserve crowned co champions of Grant Mu and Gary Fox with scores of 4.5/5.  Mithrian Periassamy took home the Class C prize with 4/5.  Joseph Cross and Ayden Huang shared the top class D prize with records of 3.5/5.

Reid Hanway returned to competitive chess after some years away and won 6/7 to become our Blitz Champion for 2018.  Welcome back Reid! 


April 2018 to April 2019 Board Elected at State Champs
Play at the state championships has concluded, the TD is working on the tournament summary to be posted soon.

During the annual membership meeting, elections occurred for the officer slate for the coming year.  The results:


Mat Leach


Gary Fox


Craig Hines


Ben Pitchkites


Shawn Marcum


Roger Blaine


Roger Norris

Member at Large

Gordon Simons


Greatest appreciation are expressed to exiting officers Gerry Roberts and Terry Winchester for their leadership and contributions the past few years!

The State Chess and Blitz Championships are almost here!

Special announcements below...

Join us on April 20-22 for the 77th Indiana State Chess and Biltz Championships, hosted at the Crowne Plaza Indianapolis Airport hotel.  As in years past, we will have open and reserve (U1800) sections, each sporting a 2-day and 3-day option (Rd. 1 Friday at 7pm or Saturday at 9am).  On-site registration (no ISCA membership required) for either section is available an hour before round 1.  We already have more than 65 entries (including 5 state champions!), so we're projecting to pay the full prize fund of $3000.  On Saturday night, we're also hosting the state blitz championships, with prizes for both overall and class winners.  Full details for both events are below.  If you are unable to attend -- or if you want to showcase your games to friends and family -- the top board in each section will be broadcast live at and on YouTube.

On Sunday morning of the event, join us for an open swap meet amongst friends and fellow chess players. Bring any old books, sets, or other chess memorabilia that you are looking to sell or trade. Any member of ISCA is invited to set-up their materials in the Reserve Section room between 7:30am-8:00am, with doors open to the public for swapping and shopping between 8:00am-9:00am. Commercial vendors may not participate. Please bring your own price tags and change.  To share this information, the official Facebook event can be found here.

Also on Sunday, at 2:30pm, the Indiana State Chess Association will be hosting its annual membership meeting.  We strongly encourage all of our members to attend and share their thoughts and concerns.  We will also be holding elections for the board of directors, so please attend if you have an interest in joining.  The board wishes to express that both current president Gerry Roberts and current web director Terry Winchester will neither be seeking nor accepting nominations this year, so there will be vacancies and new blood, so to speak.  If you have any questions about any of the board positions, please feel free to reply to this message.  I hope to see everyone at the board meeting, the main event, and all the festivities next weekend!

APR. 20-22 OR 21-22   77th Annual Indiana State Chess Championship
OPEN: 3day 5/SS, 30/90, SD/60 d5, 2day Rd. 1 & 2 G/90 d5. RESERVE (U1800): 5/SS, G/90 d5. Crowne Plaza Indianapolis Airport, 2501 S. High School Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46241. HR: $112 by 3/21. Ph: 317-244-6861. PRIZES: $$3,000(b/80) Open: 1st, $500+plaque (plaque - IN. res. only), $400, Top X, A $300ea.; Reserve: 1st $500+plaque (plaque - IN. res. only), $400, Top C, D/Under $300ea. REG.: 3day Fri.6-6:30PM, 2day Sat.8:30-9:30AM. ROUNDS: 3day Rd.1 Fri. 7PM, Sat.10, 4, Sun. 9:30, 4; 2day Sat. 9, 12:30 then merge, 1/2pt bye available Rd. 1-4, request before Rd. 2. Top bd. per section broadcast live at EF: $55 by 4/13, $70 onsite, Reentry $25, player 13yrs and under $30 by 4/13, $45 onsite, $5 discount to ISCA members. ENTRIES: OR Mail to: Mathew Leach, 4010 Parkwood Circle, Apt. 2A, Mishawaka, IN 46545. ISCA MEMBERSHIP MTG: Sun. 2:30PM.

APR. 21   Indiana State Blitz Championship (BLZ)
Crowne Plaza Indianapolis Airport, 2501 S. High School Rd., Indianapolis, IN 46241. 7/SS, G/3+2s incr. PRIZES: $$600 (b/32), $200, $100, U2000, U1700, U1400 $100 ea. EF: $25 by 4/13 at OR by mail (Mathew Leach, 4010 Parkwood Circle, Apt. 2A, Mishawaka, IN 46545), $30 onsite until 8:30PM Sat., $5 discount to ISCA members. Rd.1 9PM, following rds. ASAP.


Gerry Roberts
ISCA President

March 4, 2018. By Gerry Roberts.
In this edition, read about the trio of Indiana players that checkmated their way to college scholarships, the International Master that drove across three states to defeat some of Indiana's best, and the 3rd/Under team who dominated their regional with a perfect 20-0 score! 

On the horizon, the SCI Team Championships (March 24) and Indiana State Chess/Blitz Championships (April 20-22) promise even more excitement. In the meantime, there are more than a dozen other events in the coming months for adult and scholastic players alike.  Get all of the latest tournament recaps, schedules, and registration details below. Read more.




There was bad weather all  around Bloomington Sat for the 4th SoInOpen/Reserve. That didn’t stop people from wanting to play Chess though. The PRIZE FUND was increased because of the turnout. IM Burnett, despite showing up 35 minutes late for Rd.1 (not realizing Bloomington is on EST), took home $375. Jim Mills got 2nd, $275 and Max Egan took the A money, $175.
24th seeded Alex Smith went 4-0 in the Reserve to win 1st place $275. Jeff Jackson and Phillip Meyers(3.5) split 2nd, $87.50 apiece. Ben Foley got $150, the C prize and Need Bhate also got $150 for the D/E prize, sorry Neel , I didn’t get your picture for this article.
Thanks so much to the Chess players in Indiana!!

Chief TD, Craig Hines



(January 26, 2018) By Roger Blaine. High-school whiz Aidan Kaczanowski prevailed in the South Bend Chess Club's 10-minute Quick tourney on Thursday, Jan. 25, 2018, scoring 4.5 out of 5.  Tournament director Mat Leach was second with 4.  more.

Indiana Chess Newsletter

December 20, 2017 (Gerry Roberts).
The busy tournament schedule has inevitably been interrupted by the holidays and wintry weather, but fret not!  There are plenty of great events on the horizon, and plenty of results to comb through in the meantime.  For scholastic players, do not miss the chance to register for your regional qualifier to the SCI Individual Championships next month!  Entry fees are a modest $12 by Friday, but more than double to $25 afterwards.  And for everyone, find links below for games from the Indiana State Masters/Generations Championship, as well as for information about the Checkmate Hunger event just around the corner. Read More.

November 5, 2017 (Gerry Roberts).
Fresh off the heels of the 76th Indiana State Chess Championship and K-12 State Grade Championships, the past few weeks have witnessed the crowning of 18 new official state champions. Meanwhile, the tournament calendar has been bursting at its seams with events both new and old, both scholastic and open. In this edition, get up to speed with all the latest results and plan your next few months' worth of tournament activity. And for members of ISCA, find exclusive links to the membership survey results, and a PGN containing 76 games from the 76th State Championships.
Read more.

It is my hope that, for the inconveniences had by some, that everyone still enjoyed the event, Indiana's most prestigious tournament, the 76th Annual Indiana State Championships. US CHESS Crosstable here.

State Team Champions

  Nd4: Mike Herron, Nate Criss, Jay Carr, Glenn Snow (2016)


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