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Drake WINS STATE !!!

 | Published on 10/31/2011

Drake WINS STATE !!!


Bradford L Drake won the 70th Indiana State Chess Championship by 1/2 point on the 1st Modified Median tie brakes. Althought defeated by Mills on the 4th round it was not enough to take the crown. ISCA bi-laws state on a three way tie, USCF ordered tie breaks are used to determine the state champion. Another note in the parings of the last round it was the only Master against the defending champion on board #1, Mills vs Cooklev, with the title in the balence the resulting draw landed Drake the title.


Prize winners!:

Championship Section

1st. 2nd & u2300 - Drake, Mills & Terjanian

u2100 - Criss & Thieme

u1900 - Gerald Roberts

Upset - Terjanian


Reserve Section:

Co-Champions Roger Blaine and Daymion Phillips split 1st  & 2nd

3rd - Witwer & Kennebrew

u1500 1st - Brian McDonald

u1500 2nd - Jacob Norris

u1500 3rd - Byers & Santiago

Upset - McDonald


Under 1300 Section:

1st - Adam Frank

2nd - Alvarez & Naylor

4th - Bobby Goddin


 Special ISCA Awards:

State Champion - Drake

Top Master - Mills

Top Reserve - Blaine/Phillips

Top u1300 - Frank

3 - Participation Door Prizes - Mike Gant, Danny Presicci, Matthew McDonald - Prizes drawn by Mary Fox


Other notables:

Ari Terjanien followed by Bryan Kapke were top performers in the Championship Section.

Brian McDonald followed by Jacob Norris perfed out the Reserve.

Jacob Naylor follow by Matthew McDonald performed well in the u1300