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Evansville Octos

 | Published on 5/19/2014

Evansville Octos

by Craig Hines


Hello all, Dallas Loven of Evansville went 3-0 to win the 15 player tnt here on sat., August 10th [2014]. This was the most players we have had in awhile.


I put the bottom 4 players by rating in their own Quad with their own Prize Fund which they really appreciated. Nazar Karzay, a retired electronics professor won that, again 3-0 and promptly used his winnings to turn his 3 month membership into a full year USCF membership.


Top seeded Dale Pollitt(1939) lost in Rd. 2 to Bob Meacham of Owensboro, KY. In his last 3 tournaments Bob's rating went 1300`s, 1600`s to 1700`s for this tnt. Bob lost to Dallas in Rd. 3.

I am sending some pictures and games to Drew for the website. Here is how everyone finished:


Dallas Loven  3-0 .                                   QUAD
Dale Pollitt 2-1 .                                 Nazar Karzay 3-0
Jeremy Craft 2-1  .                             Ankush Dhawan 1.5-1.5
John Andriakos 2-1 .                        Doug Aubenque 1.5-1.5
Tony Golike 2-1 .                               Ritik Shah 0
Bob Meacham 2-1.
Steve Babcock 1.5-1.5.
Dennis Hurst 1-2.
John p. Slattery 1-2.
Mike Goebel 1-2.
Terry Fathauer .5-2.5.